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South African latest News: International model,Mbali Lechler launches South Africa’s newest egg donor programme.

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IVF clinics have adopted the PGD technology for a wide range of uses -- from eliminating defective embryos to testing for genetic defects to sex selection -- without a thorough understanding of the risks involved.
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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Message from Tertia of ‘Nurture’ (they organise IVF treatment with donor eggs or surrogacy in South Africa). Below is a piece that she has written about the benefits of going to South Africa for treatment and the IVF costs and IVF success rates:

Medical care in South Africa is at par with the best care in the world. Our doctors and their support staff are of the highest quality and our success rates are proof. Our clinics are getting over 65% success rates per attempt for their DE IVFs. And that is not a doctored number, it’s the real deal.
But here is the real winner – not only is the care excellent, but it is damn cheap too! The cost of a DE IVF is a fraction of what you would pay for in America or Europe. So, you could come on a two week IVF Safari to South Africa and the entire trip, including your flights, accommodation, lion spotting AND the IVF costs will still come to less that it would cost you do an IVF at home. Amazing huh!
South Africa is the most amazing country. Not only do we have the best looking people here (myself included of course), but we have so much to do for the tourist. Wine farms, game drives, the best beaches, amazing scenery. And of course, it helps that you get about a billion South African Rands to one dollar. Well, maybe not a billion, but it does make it very affordable for foreign tourists.
So, come to South Africa for your IVF treatment. Bring extra space in your case and room in your womb, hopefully both will be filled when you return home again!
For more information about Egg Donation in South Africa, please visit
Costs for DE IVF in Cape Town, South Africa
(Note – these are estimate costs, for a confirmed quote, please contact the
Cape Fertility Clinic directly on for treatment in Cape Town, or for treatment in Johannesburg, contact Vitalab Fertility Clinic)
DE IVF = $5000 – $6000
(including all appointments, meds etc for the recipient and the donor, retrieval, ICSI, transfer as well as the donor’s fee)
Agency Fee = $2500
(Agency fee for the donor. For more info, please visit


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