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Researchers have discovered that a chemical can trigger the maturation of small eggs to healthy, mature eggs in IVF treatment in the future. MORE AT:

South African latest News: International model,Mbali Lechler launches South Africa’s newest egg donor programme.

Are ivf clinics hiding the risks of PGD from parents?

IVF clinics have adopted the PGD technology for a wide range of uses -- from eliminating defective embryos to testing for genetic defects to sex selection -- without a thorough understanding of the risks involved.
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Thursday, January 26, 2012


One of South Africa’s great exports is its doctors, testament to the high quality medical education that exists. Canada, Australia, and the UK all have over 2200 South African physicians who currently practice there. Cape Town, South Africa was the home of the world’s first open heart transplant, and South Africa now has a thriving business in cosmetic, dental, and fertility tourism.
With an amazing destination, high quality medical care with success rates rivaling the best anywhere, and costs that are incredibly reasonable by North American and European standards, fertility tourism is rapidly growing here. South Africa offers IVF and IVF with egg donation. As a destination for egg donation, South Africa is hard to beat as the ethnic makeup and donor selection is very deep. As South Africa has seen significant immigration from the UK, Holland, France, India, and other countries, one can find a vast pool of donors to meet your needs.

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