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South African latest News: International model,Mbali Lechler launches South Africa’s newest egg donor programme.

Are ivf clinics hiding the risks of PGD from parents?

IVF clinics have adopted the PGD technology for a wide range of uses -- from eliminating defective embryos to testing for genetic defects to sex selection -- without a thorough understanding of the risks involved.
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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Fertility facilities and services Overview

As many as one in five couples experience the frustration and sorrow of infertility. Most experts define infertility as not being able to get pregnant after at least one year of trying. Women who are able to get pregnant, but then have repeat miscarriages, are also regarded as infertile.Fertility units are based at the following Life Healthcare hospitals:

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Eastern Cape• Life St George’s Hospital – Port ElizabethGauteng• Life Birchmed Surgical Centre – Kempton Park• Life Brenthurst Clinic - Parktown, Johannesburg• Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital – Roodepoort• Life Wilgers Hospital – PretoriaWestern Cape• Life Kingsbury/Claremont Hospitals – Cape Town• Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital – Cape TownSpecialists at these units use advanced medical technology for a variety of treatments to assist patients in falling pregnant and experiencing the joy of parenthood. Treatments offered include ovulation induction, endoscopic surgery, hystero-scopic surgery, artificial insemination using husband's sperm (AIH), artificial insemination using donor sperm (AID), in vitro fertilisation (IVF), intracyto-plasmic sperm injection (ICSI), gamete intra-fallopian tube (GIFT), zygote intra-fallopian tube (ZIFT), oocyte donation (egg donor programme), surrogacy advice and assistance, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), semen analysis, apoptosis (DNA fragmentation) and vitrification (of embryos and oocytes).Supporting doctorsHospital Name Supporting doctorsEastern CapePort Elizabeth Fertility and Wellness Unit – based at Life St George’s Hospital Gynaecologist (reproductive medicine specialist)Dr P Dalmeyer 041 374 1134Dr D Botha 041 374 3974EmbryologistM Rijsdijk 041 374 8942W Schoeman 041 374 8942GautengA.R.T. Life Fertility based at Life Birchmed Surgical Centre Gynaecologist (reproductive medicine specialist)Dr Andre Aikman 011 976 3039EmbryologistDr C F Hoogendijk 011 391 3300Medical biological scientistDr C F Hoogendijk 011 391 3300Reproductive biologistDr C F Hoogendijk 011 391 3300Bioart Fertility Centre – based at Life Brenthurst Clinic Gynaecologist (reproductive medicine specialist)Dr MI Cassim 011 484 5119 / 5168Dr Y Dasoo 011 484 5119 / 5168EmbryologistN Bassa 011 484 5119E McDonald 011 484 5119Geneticist / PGD specialistS Madaree 011 484 5119Medical scientistE McDonald 011 484 5119J Lourens (consultant) 011 484 5119Reproductive biologistE McDonald 011 484 5119Infertility Clinic Gynomed – based at Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital GynaecologistsDr B Potgieter 011 796 1100Dr D Schulz 011 796 1100Dr E Wypkema 011 794 7710Dr G Labuschagne 011 796 1100Dr H Lindeque 011 796 1100Dr M Giesteira 011 796 1100Dr PM Engelbrecht 011 795 4192Dr D Packirisamy 011 795 1329Embryologists / infertility clinic / IVF laboratoryC Morgan 011 794 4996Wilgers Infertility Clinic – based at Life Wilgers Hospital Gynaecologist (reproductive medicine specialist)Dr Chris Niemandt 012 807 0232 / 21Dr Liz Radloff 012 807 1956Medical biological scientistC Van Zyl 012 807 8398EmbryologistC Van Zyl 012 807 8398Reproductive biologistC Van Zyl 012 807 8398Western CapeCape Fertility Clinic – based at Life Kingsbury/Claremont Hospitals Gynaecologist (reproductive medicine specialist)Dr S Heylen 021 674 2088Dr R Dhansay 021 674 2088Dr S Nosarka 021 674 2088Dr P le Roux 021 674 2088The Institute for Reproductive Medicine – based at Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital Fertility specialistsDr I Siebert 021 531 6999 / 021 938 4446Dr J van der Merwe 021 506 4083 / 021 531 6999Prof T Kruger 021 531 6999 / 021 938 4446


Vitalab Fertility Clinic

Dr Volschenk, Dr Jacobsen, Dr Gobetz
59 Rivonia Rd,
+27 (011) 640-5049,

Bio Art Fertility Centre
Dr M. Cassim, Dr Dasoo
Brenthurst Clinic,
West Wing, Upper Level.
4 Parklane,
Parktown, 2193,
+27 (011) 484-5168,

Medfem Clinic
Dr A. Rodriques, Dr J van Schouwenburg, Dr J van Rensburg
1 Nursery St,
Peter Place,
+27 (011) 463-2244,

Gynomed Clinic
Dr Giesteira, Dr Labuschagne, Dr Lindeque, Dr Potgieter, Dr Schulz Wilgeheuwel Hospital,
Suite 11, Amplifier Rd,
+27 (011) 796-1100,

Sandton Fertility Clinic
Dr Mohammed, Dr Faesen
173 Rivonia Rd,
Rochester Place,
D Block, Ground Floor,
+27 (011) 883-1776,

Sthemba Fertility Centre
Akhona A. Gcilitshana, Embryologist
" + "gcilitshanaa" + "@" + "sthembafertility" + "" + ""); Kruger Street, Rustenburg 0299+ 27(0)14 59-0210,

Pretoria East Fertility Clinic
Dr Joubert, Dr Trouw
Pretoria East Hospital,
Room 19, 1st Floor
Medical Centre ,
Garsfontein Rd,
Pretoria East
+27 (012) 883-8854

Genesis Reproductive Centre
Dr Pentz, Dr de Bruin
Kloof Hospital,
Room 111 Jochemus Street,
Erasmus Kloof, Pretoria
+27 (012) 367-4363,

Dr Van Der Wat

Parklane Clinic
11 Park Lane Cnr,
Junction Ave 2nd Floor,
Park Town,
+27 (011) 484-3700

Dr G. Dempers

Femina Clinic
460 Belvedere Rd, Arcadia, Pretoria+27 (012) 323-4011
Dr Niemandt Wilgers

Clinic Room 10,
Medi Centre,
Lynwood Rd, Willows,
+27 (012) 807-0232
Gift of Life egg donation Agency

Dawn Blank & Tami Sussman
Cape Town & Australia
+ 27 (021) 439 8823,


C.A.R.E. (Centre for assisted reproduction and endocrinology)
Dr Ramdeo
21 Jan Hofmeyer Street,
+27 (031) 267-7920,

Nordica Fertility Clinic
Dr Barnard, Dr Naidoo
607 Kingsway,
Athlone Park,
+27 (031) 904-2592

LIFE Centre
Dr La Grange, Dr Thompson, Dr Morris
74 Rockdale , Westville,
+27 (031) 267-5870,

Dr Hansen, Mr. Ernest Gabriel 082 411 7325

St Augustines Hospital
107 Chelmsford Rd, Berea, Durban
+27 (031) 202-7563

Cape Fertility Clinic

Dr K Wiswedel, Dr S Heylen
Library Square, 2nd Floor,
Wilderness Rd,
+27 (021) 674-2088,

Grootte Schuur Fertility Unit
Dr Dyer, Dr Matebse (consulting), Dr Matjila (consulting)
Groote Schuur Hospital,
Andrology Department,
Maternity Centre F Floor,
Anzio Rd, Observatory
+27 (021) 404-6027

Pan Lab Fertility Clinic
Dr De Villiers, Dr Hume
+27 (021) 930-4433
Panorama Medi Clinic
Room 118, Rothchild Boulevard, Parow

Tygerberg Infertility Clinic
Dr Kruger, Dr Van Der Merwe, Dr Siebert
+27 (021) 531-6999

Drs Avitas Inc.
Vincent Palloti Hospital, Park Street, Pinelands

Fertility & Wellness Centre
Port Elizabeth
Dr Dalmeyer, Dr Kriel, Dr Botha
St Georges Hospital,
Medical Suites,
Ground Floor,
The Stables, Port Elizabeth
+27 (041) 374-8942
Gift of Life egg donation Agency
Dawn Blank & Tami Sussman
Johannesburg, Cape Town & Australia
+ 27 (021) 439 8823,


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